‘You all are really kids’ Omah fires at Ruger and Victony

Friday, 15th July 2022 has been heated on Nigerian Twitter after Ruger stated that he had solo hit songs while BNXN (Buju) can’t boast of the same while replying to a user.

The tweet generated lots of reactions as it divided opinions with some agreeing with Ruger and others chastising him for taking the low road.

In a rather interesting twist of events, Omah Lay who just dropped his debut album ‘Boy Alone’ on Friday 15th decided to weigh in on the issue.

Omah Lay tweeted that Ruger had some guts telling BNXN that he had no solo hits. Omah Lay further recalled when Victony rather needlessly quoted his tweet with a “LOL” and he concluded that both Ruger and Victony were kids hungry for clout.

“Ruger get mind dey talk about bnxn like that for this app smh!! mofos do anything for clout out here, same way Victony lol my tweet the other time, y’all are really kids,” the tweet reads.

As expected, Omah Lay’s tweet generated attention with the majority calling it a ploy to push his new album. At any rate, it has been a very weird day at the Afrobeats end of Nigerian Twitter.


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