2Baba Pregnancy Report Debunked By Management

Reports coming from 2Baba’s management team have it that the recent pregnancy rumour is wrong and the singer is indeed innocent of the incident he’s been accused of. More on this development below.


2Baba and wife, Annie Idibia


Rumours regarding 2Baba’s latest pregnancy report have been debunked and reported as false according to news from the singer’s management.

According to a press statement published on the 14th of August by 2Baba’s management agency, Now Muzik, news of the singer having another babymama is false and has become a recurrent attack on the singer’s reputation.

His management also made it known in the statement that the singer’s deleted appreciation post to his wife, Annie Idibia had not been in line with news of another pregnancy outside of their marriage but was as the singer had said. According to them, his post was simply a public apology to his wife and children for his shortcomings while in pursuit of stardom and a plea to be allowed to make music without being placed on a pedestal.

This counter report comes after rumours and speculation of 2Baba having an additional babymama hit the internet on the 8th of August when he penned a public apology and note to his wife and then deleted it. Rumours of these soon spread like wildfire given the couple’s infamous time in the news regarding multiple babymamas and family drama.

Read the press statement from his team below:


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